Sustainable Construction

Working Dog Construction has worked hard at portraying an ethic of high standards, reliability and integrity that will hold us in good stead as we embark on providing sustainable solutions to an ever changing environmentally aware community.
We all continue to adapt to an ever changing climate and our surrounding environment. Society is becoming more environmentally aware and we are demanding more sustainable solutions. The new challenge is to choose or adapt our technology to minimise our environmental impact, whilst continuing to improve the comfort and performance of the homes we create.
 At Working Dog Construction we pride ourselves on producing innovative affordable quality solutions while offering sustainable environmentally friendly opportunity. Sustainable living is not only an interest but a passion we wish to share with our clientele whilst demanding a very high standard of workmanship from all that enter our project sites.
Professional Development
Education is the key to providing our clientele with the latest and most up to date options on sustainable solutions. Working Dog Construction works hard at obtaining this information along with completing related courses like the Master Builders Green Living and the HIA's Green Smart courses in 2006 and 2007 respectfully. Continuing its professional development in 2008 we became accredited Thermal Building Performance Assessors with Sustainability Victoria, further educating us in the design of energy efficient construction. Green living has become one of our main focuses as we have an opportunity to assert our environmental conscience. 
Passive Design
There are lots of advantages to reducing our energy consumption and reducing the impact of our footprint on the environment around us.
Well designed homes maximise cooling air movement and exclude the sun in summer then trap and store heat from the sun minimising heat loss in winter. This is referred to as Passive Design; passive solar principles take advantage of natural energy flows to maintain thermal comfort.
There are lots of ways we can help our homes become more self sufficient by introducing such options as water harvesting and storage, water treatment devices, solar hot water as well as making use of our natural energy sources like solar, wind and even hydro.
Working dog construction offers a consulting element "Greenearth Design", that can help with the fundamental principles of passive design prior to having plans drawn up  and then continuing through the construction process whether with or without Working Dog Construction.
Sustainable homes are energy efficient homes that are more economical to run.
It doesn't cost the earth to be green.